Our team is growing!

Please contact us with a description of your long-term goals and why you would like to join us.


Our mission is to inspire people to improve health, safety, quality of life in their own community. CrossCompute is an algorithm marketplace and computational platform for planning resilient infrastructure and emergency response. We partner with researchers through revenue sharing agreements to help communities brace for the worst and strive for the best.


Olga Creutzburg, Business and Operations Manager

Marta Moreno, User Experience Designer

Roy Hyunjin Han, Computational Engineer

Salah Ahmed, Computational Engineer

Rodrigo Guarachi, Software Engineer

Polina Chernomaz, Software Engineer

Ning Wei, Software Engineer

Junbin Liang, Software Engineer

Eugen Fomenko, Graphic Designer


Samuel Edandison


Development Labs Mexico

Python Software Foundation