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Make Geotables

The geotable data type can take geospatial vectors (such as a shapefile archive) as input and render a map as output.

You can use this tool to experiment how changing column names and values will affect the map.

For more information, please see the documentation.

{ source_table : Your Geotable ? Adjust the Column Names and Values }

In [ ]:
# CrossCompute
source_table_path = 'selected-features.csv'
target_folder = '/tmp'
In [ ]:
from os.path import join
from shutil import copy
target_path = join(target_folder, 'examples.csv')
copy(source_table_path, target_path)
print('example_satellite_geotable_path = ' + target_path)

Interactive Map

{ example_satellite_geotable : Map Rendered from Your Geotable ? Click on a Feature to See More Information }