Grid Layout Tools 20180926-1400

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Run these computational tools to place the following components of a solar microgrid:

  • Service Drop Poles
  • Service Drop Lines
  • Battery
  • Distribution Poles
  • Distribution Lines
  • Solar Panels
  • Street Lamps
  • Power Meters
  • Wifi Routers
  • Wide Poles

The algorithm makes the following optimizations:

  • Place service drop poles and distribution poles near roads when it is more cost effective to do so.
  • Avoid pole obstacles when placing service drop poles and distribution poles.
  • Avoid line obstacles when placing service drop lines and distribution lines.
  • Limit the distance of each pole from a battery.

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Watch a screencast explaining the different parameters for running this algorithm.

This release includes optimizations to handle large datasets. A grid extension scenario with 2442 customer polygons, 4800 road lines and 4879 existing distribution lines takes between two to eight hours to run, depending on the parameters.



Here is an earlier version of the algorithm that does not limit the distance of each pole from a battery, but can handle microgrids with over 700 customers.