Find the Nearest Basketball Court 20180303-0608

Thanks to Kashfi Fahim for suggesting this tool.

The Table of Basketball Courts in NYC is from the NYC Open Data Website.

The Tech Incubator at CUNY Queens College is hosting a Student Showcase of Tools Made with NYC Open Data Using Python on Sunday, March 4, 2018 from 3pm to 4:30pm.

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NE 188 St. & Webster Ave.Webster PlaygroundX1740.3686130023025731
YE 193 St. & Jerome Ave.St. James ParkX0440.1042885857029179
NRyer & Valentine Aves.Slattery PlaygroundX0850.0911175128622182
NStrong St. & Reservoir Ave.Fort #4 PlaygroundX0380.3151998014890021
NW 183 St., Aqueduct Ave., W Tremont Ave. and University Ave.Aqueduct Lands PlaygroundX0010.3815448671652917