socketIO-client Development Log

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Ensure that Python scripts can communicate with a server.


Add binary support.


Roy Hyunjin Han


The ability to send and receive binary data from a server seems to be important to many users.


20170727-1130 - 20170803-1130: 1 week estimated

20170727-1130 -


Fix socketIO-client so that it works with without errors.
Add binary support to socketIO-client.


20170727-1130 - 20170727-1200: 30 minutes

+ Draft mission for binary support
+ Move missions from GitHub into CrossCompute

20170727-1245 - 20170727-1315: 30 minutes

Before I start working through the pull requests and issues, we should make sure that socketIO-client works with the latest I think I should also add other people as maintainers so that I don't bear the sole burden of maintaining this package.

The latest version of is 2.0.3.

+ Install latest version of
+ Install latest version of socketIO-client
+ Remove usage of invisibleroads-macros

20170727-1645 - 20170727-1715: 30 minutes

20170731-1200 - 20170731-1300: 60 minutes

We're going to experiment with using CrossCompute to develop this open source package.

I think the first step is to just check that it works with the current version of I know it is not going to work and I saw some issues and pull requests related to it.

0.9.19  # npm install -g
1.7.4   # npm install -g
2.0.3   # npm install -g

+ List the releases
+ Put each contributor on a separate line
+ Update README

20170731-1430 - 20170731-1445: 15 minutes

+ Use websockets._ssl_compat.SSLError
+ Work through relevant changes from to and port to 0.8.0

I think that the 0.8.0 series should be compatible with and the 1.0.0 series should be compatible with In particular, perhaps 0.9.0 should be the version that includes binary support.

+ Install
+ Run tests for 0.8.0

The tests pass for Just in case, we should also work through the README steps manually. After that, we will work on all the issues except binary support. Then we will do binary support for 0.9.0. And we will support for 1.0.0. That is the plan.

But this mission is specifically for binary support. Perhaps we can focus on binary support first, then work on other issues. The problem is that there are too many branches to manage at once now.


Try to use socketIO-client manually using steps from README

Fix socketIO-client so that it works with latest    
Use invisibleroads_macros.url.format_url
Add binary support
Replace *args with args
    Investigate whether it is really true that callbacks can't take dictionaries
Check python3 support for socketIO-client 0.5.6
Check why connected=True after termination
Consider catching heartbeat thread exception
Check disconnection issues
Check why transports are not being set
Look at 404 not found error
Check whether it works on Windows 8
Consider allowing milliseconds
Consider using attrs instead of namedtuple
Release 0.8.0
Add other people as maintainers of this package